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Corporate Uniform

“Want your people to work like a team, dress them like one” An Industrial worker in India works under trying conditions. Heat, dust, humidity all adds up to make working conditions tough. Our fabrics are produced keeping these important facts in mind.

Several lakh workers wear our uniform fabrics for comfort and protection. Developed and tested for Indian conditions, to make sure they keep going when other fabrics quit. We achieve this using a judicious blend of Polyester with Viscose and other specialized treatment (Anti Static ,Anti Fungal finish, Eco Fresh finish, Quick soil release finish, Safoniable finish, High Absorbency finish, Water Repellent finish, Anti Microbial finish) to achieve fabrics designed for year round wear, lightweight, durable and most importantly comfortable to work in. Out of Every Three Meters of Uniform fabrics sold in India today bears the S.Kumars logo, making us market leaders in this segment. Specially catering to the need of the Defense Forces, Government Undertaking, Major Corporate Houses, Hospitals, Hospitality industry and the Police Force respectively. This overwhelming popularity for our uniform fabrics stems from three principal factors: Consistent Quality, Reasonable Prices & Wide range of products. This helps us in producing a product which has a good appearance, easy to maintain, crease resistant and is durable.
S.Kumars, an ISO 9001:2008 company, is a 60 year brand synonymous with “Value for Money”. S.Kumars is a market leader in textiles, with special emphasis on uniforms. The company is focused on providing uniform fabric to schools and institutions and commands an enviable 30% share in the organized school uniform fabrics market. The company has a wide range of fabrics to suit the entire gamut of industries and sectors i.e. Uniform fabrics, Workday-wear fabrics and Corporate-wear fabrics. The S.Kumars manufacturing units, a Composite Mill (Spinning, Weaving and Processing facility in house), rolls out fabric in various blends, weaves and textures to cater to every occasion. We request you to please inform us for your uniform requirements. Also request you to please inward our name in your supplier list and, send an inquiry letter at the time of purchase. “The look that tells the world your company is special……. And the uniforms that make your employees feel it” Thanking you and assuring our best services at all times.

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